Enterprise mission: Creating well-known brand, a model of the tree industry
Enterprise objectives: to be lead in the domestic and go to the world
Enterprise values: conform to the development of the world, seeking common development with integrity (together with customer to create superior)
Enterprise Philosophy: Win the heart of enterprise customers based on the book, shared values are a source of sustainable management.
Management philosophy: To institutionalize management, human subject, create conditions that all allow staff to do better.
Competition philosophy: feel free to speak out your opinion, everyone has his own advantage, make progress in the competition, compete with other enterprise within the law.
Quality philosophy: guarantee the high quality, technological innovation and the pursuit of higher quality, continuing to improve, enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality objectives:
                                  Product passed rate when out >98%
                                  Customer complaint rate< 3%
                                  Complaint disposed rate>99%

Service philosophy: service sincerely and unlimited communication